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Gary Beaumont, ceramic artist

People have been making artwork from clay for thousands of years. From the start, they have shaped it and added color, texture, and design, so it wasn’t just functional. It was also an expression of their humanity. Following this tradition, my goal is to carefully craft ceramic art. In the end, it greatly pleases me when someone says, “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this before.” If you purchase ceramic pieces from me, you are buying art, buying hand-made, buying small, and buying locally. You are also buying slow. I am not like a Chinese factory making soulless plastic items by the thousands. Instead, each piece is made one at a time. Being hand-made, the pieces vary from one to another. Also, the crystalline glazes I use have a mind of their own. So, the best way to purchase is to visit me at my studio and choose the piece you enjoy the most. I am not like Amazon either with hordes of employees waiting to pack each item and delivery it. So, the best way to purchase is to visit me in the studio, avoiding the hassle and expense of shipping. That said, I will ship.

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