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Berries and Flour: Bakery & Harvest Goods

5207F N Duncan Rd
NOTE: WE UNFORTUNATELY CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF ILLINOIS Berries and Flour selects high-quality produce from local farms, fields, and forests and skilled chefs craft our “harvest goods”, products that accentuate the Midwest's bounty of flavors. We offer a wide variety of unique flavor combinations in the forms of pastries, dry teas, jams, rims, beverage mixers (like syrups, shrubs & rims) and wild mock & cocktail kits. For the holidays, we will have special products perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers! Stop by any of our booths, markets, or the farm and learn about the edible plants all around us. We grow far more than corn and soy! When you purchase any of our products, you support our woman-owned business and a network of over 50 local farms, natural areas, and farm & food security-focused organizations. Supporting us is a vote for local production, strengthening our local economy, and promoting a delicious sustainable food system. Presently, Berries and Flour is a Cottage Food Operation. All of our products are produced in a home kitchen not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens. All of our chefs are appropriately licensed, and we take great care to ensure the safety of our products.

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